Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sophia's First day of Kindergarten

Sophia started Kindergarten on her birthday, so she was excited to have birthday treats with her new class on the first day of school. Her teacher, Ms. Piazza, is great, ....and she has a small'ish class this year (19 kiddos). Another new thing is that Soph is riding the bus to school now - which is such a big girl thing, and she is loving the independence. It is soooo helpful to me, too, since I can let the other two girls nap in the afternoon rather than having to pack them up to head to the school at 3:15. Even though she has been going to preschool for 2 years before this, I feel like Kindergarten is such a big leap for her and for me. She used to be gone for 2.5 hours at most, and now she catches the bus at 7:40am and comes home at 3:40pm!! It is hard being away from her for so long each day, but I think she was ready for it.

Birthday breakfast!

Sophia, Alex and Anna....ready to catch the bus!

still waiting for the bus

here it is!

...and off she goes!! xoxo

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