Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sasha's 3rd birthday

Sasha turned 3 on May 25th, so we had a fun little party at one of our neighborhood parks. It was chilly, but the kiddos insisted on playing in the fountains. We also got to celebrate with Grammy and Papa before they had to head home to South Dakota. Happy 3rd Birthday, Sasha Kay!


I turned THIRTY in May...and Michael planned an awesome surprise party! Missy and Mila flew in from San Fran, and my parents drove in for the weekend to babysit the girls (I had no idea any of them were coming). The party was great...especially the part at the end of the night where Edie and Adam took Michael, Mis and I out in LoDo, and we acted like college kids. The next day, Michael and I took a quick (surprise) trip to the mountains with another couple. We relaxed, ate a nice looooooooong dinner, watched basketball, hiked, slept in. It was perfect. Thanks, Michael. xoxo

Moving on to May....

May was full of lots of fun stuff...Mother's Day, a 1/2 marathon, a few surprises and birthdays!

In mid-May I ran my first half marathon, and as part of the pre-race activities there was a kids' 1/4 mile fun run. Sophia had so much fun and smiled the whole time. The next day, I had my race with my friend, Lindsay. We had so much fun, that we're now training for full marathon in October (Edie is going to run that one with us, too, right Edie??).

Sophia and Beckham -- ready to go!
Pep talk from Dad
Finishing up...phew
Sasha and Laila...the cheering section (Stella in background)

Lindsay and I pre-race

Greetings, Blogfans!

Hello, hello! We're still alive... Lots to report since the last posting, so I'll try to keep the stories short and sweet.


We spent Easter in Montana this year with the Tognetti crew. The girls are getting to be such great little roadtrippers...with the exception of having to stop about 5 times for Sasha to pee on the way home, everything went smoothly, and it beats being stuck in a teeny row of airplane seats.

Here are some picture highlights from the trip, as well as a link to the whole set (there are a bunch of pictures in this set of the girls with a teddy bear -- this was part of a preschool project for Sophia. Cubby the bear had to go everywhere with us for 2 days, and we had to keep a pohto journal of our adventures.)