Tuesday, March 24, 2009

February - March Picture Set

Here is a link to pictures from the last few weeks. Lots of good stuff on here, including Sasha's soccer practice pics...I love how cute the littles look in their "official" uniforms; Stella's first shiner; poodle dress pics - Thanks, Grandma Cathie!; and some highlights from Stella's birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday, Stelly!!!

We celebrated Stella's 1st birthday on March 8th!! Edie and Adam came up for pizza, cake and presents... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STELLA!!! You are getting so big so fast! xoxox

March visitors...

We've had a couple of visitors the past few weeks.

First, our Chicago friend, Kelly, came to visit us...we had so much fun with her. Thanks for coming out, Kel!
Then Grammy Cathie flew down to visit us for a few days, too. The girls loooooove when she comes, because she lets them play in her make-up....so, in some of the pictures you'll notice eye shadow and lipstick on #1 and #2. Needless to say, Stella is pretty excited about the day when she gets to take part in the fun, too.