Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Wishes!

Uncle Nic and his wondeful girlfriend Erin are now engaged!!! I have ZERO details on when or where they are planning to get married.....apparently brothers don't talk about these kinds of details. :-) We're so happy for them!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Tonight on the the way home from the park, "Soph" informed Michael and me that she would like to be called "Sophia" again. Pretty soon she is going to ask for her name to be changed to a symbol that no one can pronounce.

ALSO, Sasha had her 4 month post-op check-up today with her neuro and plastic surgeons. Both of them were really pleased with her progress, and they were surprised at the symmetry her head has this early. We don't have to go back until next May for a 1 year check-up. Michael and I had a lot of memories of her operation rush back to us when we were walking through the hospital again today. We are so thankful it all went so smoothly.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Soph's homework

Sophia's homework for this week was to tell a story about her house. Here is what she came up with. Enjoy.

"My name is Soph, and I live in a house. My house looks like a caterpillar. It is green with a purple door. Inside the house I eat grapes and play with bears. I live with Mommy, Daddy and Sasha. Sasha takes naps in her purple room, and I take naps in my pink room. My favorite thing to do with Sasha is to dump out all the puzzles in the living room. I like to dance in my house and play with babies in the basement, too. Eating dinner is fun at my house because I like to eat food. I feel happy in my house."

By the way, she told her teacher today that she'd like her name to be "Soph" (rhymes with loaf) instead of "Sophia". We're hoping she grows out of this.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picture time!

Here is a link to a new set of pics....there aren't many, but there are some keepers. Happy weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Check up

Hello out there....
Today we had a 13 week baby check-up. Smidge's heartbeat was good and strong -- and for all you Old Wives' Tale people out there that believe the heart rate can tell you the sex of the baby, the rate was 160 bpm. Now keep in mind....Sophia's hb throughout the pregnancy was almost always about 150. She was well into the "girl range". Sasha on the other hand was cool, calm and collected, and she usually clocked in at 130 bpm -- the BOY range. SO, although for a time I was a believer in the heart rate theory, Sasha blew it.

On a sad note, Michael and both lost our season openers in fantasy football. I think I need to focus more on football and less on these kids. Thoughts?