Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stella's Up-do

I gave Stella a quick haircut the other day...perhaps better stated as performing "mullet control". Afterwards, I decided it was time for her first pretty-pretty. She seems to have a weak scalp and hated every minute of me trying to pull her hair up into the piggy tail. The girl has to learn that being fashionable isn't always easy.

Mila May's Baptism

We took a trip to South Dakota last weekend to visit the family...Missy, Cas, and the kids, AND Edie and Adam went as well, so it was a nice, little family reunion. All 9 (10 counting Dudley) grandkids were in the same place for the first time -- and do you think we got a picture of it? Of course not.

Mila was baptized while we were there, and Michael and I were very happy to be her Godparents. Here is a picture link from the fun weekend!