Sunday, October 19, 2008


We had a great time carving pumpkins over the weekend. As a kid, it was definitely my least favorite holiday activity (second only to having to decorate a bazillion Christmas sugar cookies for my mom every year)....the pumpkin smell and the mess grossed me out. Plus, I usually managed to screw up my pumpkin somehow before it was time to display it.

Well this year it was actually fun...the smell and mess don't hold a candle to the things I clean up on a daily basis anymore. The girls were really into it, but they also thought the pumpkins stunk and were"ewwwwwey".
Here are some more pictures.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bundled Up!

Here are a couple of pics of Stella after her brisk run with Michael! She caught a little shut-eye and was toasty warm when he took her out of the stroller. Next time, I think I'll wear her outfit and have Michael push me around the neighborhood for an hour.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall is here....

We have some new pics and stories to share. The girls are anxiously awaiting Halloween this year. Costumes are ready and have been tried on daily, the house is decorated, and Sasha drop-kicked her trick-or-treat bucket down the stairs today after yelling "Stinky punkin!" at it. Sophia is going to be Cinderella this year, which is no surprise to us. Her princess fixation is still going strong, as is her bossy side.....she not only decided what she will be for Halloween, but also what Sasha will be: Tinkerbell. Good thing Sasha likes fairies and the color green. Stella is going to be a monkey, thanks to a hand-me-down costume from some friends. :-)

Sophia is loving school....she especially loves an enrichment class she is taking called "Nature Rangers". Today when I picked her up, the kids were watching a praying mantis devour a cricket. Aw, to be a kid again. Today she colored a picture and told me she wanted to send it to Santa Clause for his birthday on Christmas. I guess that means we need to talk a little more about the meaning of Christmas.

Sasha is a funny and happy kid. I found her swinging from a bar in our closet this morning, so I think it is time for gymnastics class. She loooooves singing to Stella, and she does a lovely rendition of "Wind the Bobbin," which we hope to get on film soon. Today when she woke up from her nap, she needed me to reassure her that there weren't "spiderwebs" in her eyes. She must have had some crusties.
Stella started sitting up by herself two days ago, and she started army crawling yesterday. Big changes for her! It means we have to dust off the baby gates and baby proof again. The big girls will be sad when I have to take away all of their Polly Pockets, too (sorry, Aunt Mary!).

Enjoy the new pictures!!!