Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lunching with Edie

The girls and I try to meet up with Edie at least once every few weeks for lunch. We drive down to her apartment, eat some food, play with Dudley, mess her kid-free home up a bit, then drive home for naptime. Here are a few pictures from our latest lunch date with Auntie E.

PS: Edie wanted me to let everyone know that the only reason her recliner has a sheet on it, is so Adam wouldn't get dog hair on him while he is recuperating. You see...the chair is technically Dudley's, but Adam had a rib removed (yes...haha..."Adam's Rib" was literally removed from his person to correct some freak circulatory disorder he has), so he has been recovering at home for the past couple of weeks. He could only get comfortable in the recliner, so Dudley was demoted to the floor. THUS, the need for the sheet. Phew.

Sasha stories

Today Sophia went to a movie with a friend, so Sasha and I were able to spend some quality time together talking about life's issues...such as the struggling economy, the high cost of fuel, and the return of Beverly Hills 90210.

At one point, Sash climbed into Stella's carseat and said, "Mom, I be a baby." I said "Sasha, are you pretending to be a baby??" She replied, "Yaaah, I be baby Jesus."

Later on in the afternoon, I heard her say this to Michael: "Daddy....Where's Nat?" Michael said " mean, where's Mom?" I was laughing from the other room, so she found me! :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Favorite pic

Our friend, Augy, snapped this one!!!! Definitely a keeper.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family fun runs

For the past month or so, as soon as Michael gets home from work we load up the girls in the joggers and go for a run. Michael usually pushes the double with Sash and Stella, and I push Soph in the single. Both have pros and cons: the double is heavier, but pushing Sophia requires you to engage in conversation with her the WHOLE way. Here is a conversation we had a few weeks ago...

The scene: we're running on a little trail, and we see a teenage boy put his arm around a teenage girl as they're walking in front of us.

Sophia: Mama?
N: Yes, Sophia.
S: Boys love girls.
N: Yes they do.
S: Mama?
N: Yeeeees, Sophia.
S: Boys and girls get married and then get kids.
N: That's right, honey.
S: Mama?
N: Yes?
S: I want another baby in our house.
N: Um.....don't you think we have enough for now?
S: Nope. I want another girl baby.
N: Wellll, we'll see.
S: Mama?
N: Sophia.
S: The world would be sad if it were just regular.
N: regular do you mean no colors?? (sometimes she calls "clear" things "regular" - like water, for instance.)
S: Yeah. Colors make the world good.
N: Yes they do. Is your favorite color still red, Soph?
S: Yeah. and Daddy's favorite is blue, and yours is purple, and Sasha's is orange, and Stella's is yellow...just like Mrs. Smith.
N: Sophia...see if you can count all the birds we see.
S: Okay, mom.

Sophia catching some zzzzz's

Sasha and Stella

Flexing for the camera

"helping" Daddy stretch

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who's who??

Check out the pictures below.... We've gotten quite a few comments regarding who Stella looks more like - Sophia or Sasha. I found some pictures that might solve the dilemma - all the photos are from around the 4 month mark. Let me know who you think Stella looks the most like in the poll to the right.

Stella Pearl
Sasha Kay

Sophia Rose

We got back to Denver on Monday from our July vacation blitz...the girls and I spent most of the trip in SDakota while Michael was on his Montana golf trip with Uncle Nic. Sophia and Sasha had a BLAST with all of their cousins. They even decided to let "Gack" (Jackson in Sasha-ese) in on some of their secrets at Grandma's house. Even though he just started walking, he kept up with them pretty well. Stella and I made a quick trip with Auntie Missy to Chicago for Marita's wedding on July 5th, then back to SDakota for a day, then home the next. Phew! Here is a picture link.

Next on the schedule is gymnastics camp, which begins for Sophia this Thursday. She can't wait. I'm also going to try to see if Sasha is at all ready to potty train. We tried a month ago, but she had no interest, other than not wanting to wear a diaper. Oh and she has also unraveled the toilet paper roll a few dozen times. Does that count as showing interest?

I'll try to get some live action footage of the girls soon to fulfill the fans' requests....any particular things you'd like to see her doing, Kelly?? ;-)

One final thing...HI, JEN!!!!!!