Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deliquent blogger

Apparently this blog is on the "one update per month" plan. Hey, you get what you pay for.
After Christmas we took a trip north to see our families in both Montana and South Dakota. We once again managed to grace the doctors in Deadwood with our presence. Stella was the perpetrator (again), and she is now the proud owner of a "regular patient" file at the Deadwood Clinic. Before heading home, we managed to spread the bug to: Sasha, Grandma Inger, Michael, Uncle Nic, Laurie, Grammy Cathie, Aunt Mary, Grandma Lil and Hannah. You're welcome. ;-)
Now we're home and re-settled into our regular schedules again. Sasha started potty training this weekend, and it is coming along verrrrry slowly...this kid definitely has her own plan. Soph potty trained a bit earlier in age and pretty quickly. It is interesting to see the personality differences continuing to appear.
Stella has been close to walking for about a month. She can take 3-4 steps on her own, but she doesn't know how to put the brakes on yet. She ends up diving into the couch or whoever is waiting to catch her. You can see in her eyes how badly she wants to be up and running around with her big sisters.
We are very excited to have a new niece!! Congrats to Missy, Cas and Jackson on Mila May's arrival. I can't wait to meet her soon!!!
Everything else is status quo...see ya in a month!
Stella's cute puppy slippers

The girls like to push Stella around in her new wagon

...and vice versa