Saturday, September 19, 2009

All about Stelly!

Our little Stella has been quite busy herself!! She is so silly and wild and crazy and funny and a mostly funny sort of way. Little Stelly (18 months now) is starting to talk more, and her words are just so cute. At the beginning of the summer, she used to call Sophia and Sasha "Daaaah" and "Daaaaah" respectively (note the extra 'a' in Sasha's name). Now she can clearly say "Sa-sha" in a very sing-songy way, and we're still not quite sure what she calls Sophia...and that is quite possibly because they are both "Sa-sha" to her. She is our fall-down-and-get-right-up girl, and has sported more injuries this summer alone than the other two kids combined. She tries so hard to keep up with them!

My favorite thing she does now is nod "yes" to questions...but she nods with her WHOLE body. Very cute and it looks like such hard work for her.

We're enjoying our special time together while the big sisters are at school in the morning. Sasha is only gone until 10:45, so the two of them also have some bonding time before Sophia comes home in the afternoon.

Bonding with Dad at the campfire


carrots and biggie

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